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About Us

Growing up in Macedonia, my husband distinctly remembers the fresh sweet smell of air walking up Galicica mountain before sunrise in early July to pick mountain tea. The tea would then be bundled up and left to dry by his grandmother and mom to be enjoyed later in the winter months.
As well, every year in the spring and summer our families would gather various herbs along the mountain sides and hills. A very common tradition in Macedonia and Greece. These herbs such as chamomile, mint, nettle, and lemon verbena would be brewed using a decoction method which is just a fancy word for simmering them in a pot of water, letting them steep for a few minutes to then drink as a tea.
Wanting to continue the tradition on a broader scale Mountain Flower Tea aims to bring the tastes and wellness of mountain tea to the international forefront. Rich in health benefits and culture, we offer our custom blends using all natural herbs with no additional flavorings of any kind. As our business grows so will our tea blend selections! So stick around and get ready to enjoy all our natural mountain tea blends.